A mission – a basic declaration determining the philosophy of operation of each institution – sets objectives justifying the existence of the formation. The Prison Service’s mission is defined by three simple statements: protection of society, lawful and humane treatment of detained persons and rehabilitation of sentenced persons. It is also the creed that motivates every officer of the Prison Service during the performance of their duties. Ensuring security is the primary objective of the Prison Service. Nothing is more important than human health and life. That is why we protect the public against imprisoned perpetrators of offences. We provide law and order in penitentiary units, but we also secure the proper course of criminal proceedings carried out against persons remanded in custody. While caring for safety, we do not forget that the measure of our humanity is how we treat others. Therefore, we provide those imprisoned with humane living conditions, respect for their dignity and compliance with their rights. We also ensure that persons under our supervision have adequate medical and religious care – pursuant to their declared religion. Resocialization is the third element of our mission. Every day, we undertake this one of the most difficult tasks we are required to perform – changing human personality. We never forget that every punishment comes to an end. By arranging employment as well as providing education and specialist therapy to detainees, we prepare them for life “after prison”. Life without crime.

 Do you know: every year over 150,000 people are admitted and dismissed from Polish prisons.