Fifteen Intervention Groups of the Prison Service take action in situations of disturbance of order and discipline as well as a particular
threat to security in penitentiary units. Each of them consists of two eight-person teams. Each group consists of well-trained, stress-resistant officers who participate in actions that are most difficult in terms of security. Using modern equipment, they prevent the occurrence of extraordinary events and escort special-status prisoners (including members of organized criminal groups). As elite groups, they are on standby twenty-four hours a day seven days a week. When providing public safety, they cooperate with other uniformed formations and counter-terrorist units.

Do you know: the Prison Service protects the society from over 70,000 people detained in Poland prisons.

The Lublin Prison Service presented itself at the “BORDERS” Fair on October 24-25, 2018.

The stand of the Lublin Prison Service during the ‘BORDERS fair’ in Lublin was very popular. The Lublin officers presented modern vision devices, vehicles for transporting prisoners, equipment and … have built a cell that was willingly visited by the visitors of the fair. The officers of the Lublin Intervention Group Prison Service carried out a demonstration of the technique of incapacitating aggressive prisoners.

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