Electronic supervision is a state-of-the-art, non-isolation system for the execution of custodial sentences. It is aimed at controlling,
with the use of electronic devices, of the execution by sentenced persons of their obligations imposed by the court. The main advantage of this solution is the possibility to serve a custodial sentence outside prison. The Electronic Supervision System was introduced in Poland in 2009 and encompassed gradually, by 2012, successive provincial inspectorates and prisons subordinate to the latters. Serving a sentence in this system is based on responsibility, self-discipline and strict compliance with a schedule determined by the court. In return, sentenced persons
are provided with real conditions to live a normal life. They are able to take part in everyday professional and personal life, surrounded
by family and friends. The use of electronic supervision is also highly benefi cial for the public. This is the cheapest manner of serving a custodial sentence. A monthly cost of a supervised person is ten times less than a cost of keeping a convict in prison. The system’s ninety-four-percent eff ectiveness also weighs in its favour. Electronic supervision contributes signifi cantly to a decrease in prison population and reduction in overpopulation in penitentiaries and remand prisons.