In a modern world, information technologies are used on every plane of life. It can be said that they are a driving force of modern civilization. Advanced technologies and modern IT solutions are used in the Prison Service on a daily basis. IT systems support work of officers and civilian employees, helping them to perform their official duties. One of the main systems used in the Prison Service is the Noe.NET system
– the Central Base of Detained Persons. Its modern platform and wide range of functionalities make it an invaluable tool used in all penitentiaries and remand prisons throughout Poland every day. At present, an Integrated Management System, which is to coordinate work of officers in terms of logistics, is at a preparation phase. The Prison Service employs more than 400 IT specialists who watch over the efficiency and security of information systems, constantly improving their professional qualifications. The modern IT system facilitates the staff management, simplifies procedures and makes the work faster.

Do you know: the Prison Service uses almost 20,000 workstations.